I Like Being Fucked Up

I like being fucked up!
Mashed, Smashed, Messed up,
I like being fucked up!
Out of control, on my own, on a mission, blurred vision,
The night’s still young and I’m going to party,
I’m going to paint the town red,
Make a bed of a sofa or a floor.
Pushing myself for that little bit more,
More excitement, more thrills, more spills,
Living a lifestyle that is trying it’s best to kill
Me. I like being fucked up!
Not sure it likes me,
Beer turns to whisky far too quickly,
Sickly memories merge.
Mornings after demand retribution,
Bloodshot eyes. I laugh my way through the pain,
“No pain, no gain,” right?
Hair of the dog:
A shot of embarrassment mixed with shame.
I like being fucked up!
I want to lose control.
I want to wreck it all.
I want to tear down the edifices that restrain me,
I want to scream “You can’t retain me!”
And that feeling, I like it just that bit too much.

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