Firework Phobia

“Remember your pets on bonfire night,”
Read a warning poster at the vets.
“For failure to lock them safe and tight,
May cause fright and possibly even flight, that night.”
So pets are locked away and secured,
Except for Rufus my cat, who scoffs at such a ban,
And who has always been a fan
Of glittering flashes and of distant bangs.
And who casually saunters,
Past the brightly coloured mortars,
Fired from the neighbourhood’s Bad Lands.

Well, there’s always an exception to prove the rule,
It’s not only pets for whom this night can be cruel,
So now spare a moment and have a thought for,
Those individuals who on this night, more so
Than any other are filled with dread,
Who scream and jump until they’re asleep in bed,
For whom this night is so horrendously long,
And wrong in its very nature,
It’s damning for them to watch others taking pleasure
When it’s blatantly obvious for them to see
The stark conceptual irrationality
Of selling gunpowder in toilet roll tubes,
Just to amuse the general public
On a night when mob mentality rules!!
The fools…..

Bigger bangs; a brighter burst,
That November Thirst,
For Chinese crackers and rocketry,
Make the firework phobics whimper with dug in rationally:
“Why not sell: ‘One Night Only Bullets and Guns?’
You know? Just for the fun,
And years later when it’s all a bit blasé
People may have to think of what’s next, and they’ll say:
“On this one night for us to play,
There are plenty of other types of projectile weaponry.””

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