I Dreamt a Dream of a Dream

Indecipherable dreams encroach once more,
Is this the summit; the terminus,
Or simply a plateau in this perpetual cycle?

I dream of a day-dream of a dream,
Of a different reality,
Of a different me,
Of a different she,
Of a different what could be.

Nails dig into my palms,
I’m back again,
Woken quickly by violent shaking.
None sleep.
Thoughts that pitch me against me.
Thoughts: I can’t be the things I want to be.

I see the father before me,
He knows me from the inside out.
He can’t let me progress here.
We’re fighting.
He’s right,
He can see my dreams,
And knows they should never be,
Not for him, me or she.

I day-dream a dream of a dream,
Of elated faces,
Of inscrutable pride,
Of indestructible belonging,
Of infinite possibilities.

Fading hopes.
Fading embraces,
Fading away are,
Fading faces.

I dream of a day-dream of a dream.
But wake up,
To find it’s just me.

Leave your thought.