The greatest plague mankind has ever known
We embrace it
We nurture it
We espouse its virtues
We pay for it with plastic cards
And chipped up trees
And drying seas
And a smaller world
In which the void between the next man and me
Is increasingly pronounced
Our similarities ignored as collective inevitability.

The only collective action of note

Take no vote on this
And stand well back
“Practice your apathy”

Forget those collective terms
And inwardly turn
And search your soul for what could make you whole
Somewhere you’ll find the meaning of it all
Then head to the supermarket and high street chain
Purchase powered, four monthly cycles
Post-fordist cultural monopoly: buy and you’re cured
Well: lured, to wonder what it’s all about
A new car or book case?
You’re a mass-produced fake,
So go on.
Define yourself Individual: Stand Out.


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  1. Wow – I love this one, the passion of it just jumps out at you.

    • Thanks Ben, we’ve been on this course for a long time, since the enlightenment period, I just think we’ve missed a fundamental point that human beings are social creatures, so surely it’s in our nature to act for the good of society rather than this ideology that seems to suggests always focusing on your own liberties is somehow the only way to positive benefit society.

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