Real Men

Black faced men
Real Men
Blackened from the pit
Others bit on hardened cheeks by hot scarring steel
Muscled men, they may have died an early death
But with every breath and drop of sweat
They were Real Men

Not like my emasculated effort
My masculinity given away
Put to pay by technology
And the woman sat next to me
Who’s probably got a degree in metallurgy,
Or something else to that effect
Cultural transition: it’s all a threat

I work in an office and a suit
I could describe the colour of soot
But not know how it feels under foot
The only boots I own I wear for fun
For some foolish fashionable pretension

Metrosexual Men
New Men
Styled and preened masses
A new definition of masculinity out of the gender clashes
I wonder if previous generations would say
Of their brethren they’d see today:
“They too are Real Men”

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  1. Interesting way of discussing thoughts that a lot of people are discussing within this generation, though to my mind definition of any sort, though tempered by other peoples’ perceptions, only truly come from oneself.

  2. thanks Nath – interesting way of putting it.

    Thanks for commenting.

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