The Prince

Under the cover of night, a boy was born
beneath the watch of liberal stars,
to parents with hearts like open doors,
intentions pure, yet battle-scarred.

They dreamed of shared horizons,
pledging equality at the dining table,
yet, between household chores, silent shifts
cause the scales to further unbalance.

As The Boy grows, footsteps echoing
in a hall of mirrors, reflecting
endless privilege, a labyrinth
where prerogative, unwittingly, expands.

His young hands are poised
to inherit not just love but legacies,
whispers of power, echoes of past defeats;
all counterpoints to this struggle.

This Prince, unaware, plays at the feet
of the future’s fragile frontier,
where his laughter, still a melody,
may someday drown out cries for change.

His parents watch, the weight of paradox pressing
against their chests – this creation of love and oversight,
a child poised on the precipice of his own power,
in a world desperately in need of equity.

Their failures weigh, as they guide him.
For is he building the very throne
they had hoped to set asunder,
and is his ascendancy inevitable?

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