The Weight Of Our World

In the empire we’ve built,
you move with a cadence of selfless tides,
washing over our days
with hands that never rest.

You call it life,
but sometimes life wears a heavy coat,
sewn with the fine threads of duty,
and weighed down by tacit expectation.

I see you;
your familiar patterns
etched into these living walls.
I try to step in,
to match your pace,
to share the load.

But my steps falter,
out of sync with your tireless industry.
You sigh;
a breath of frustration,
too gentle against the underlying storm.

“I’m helping,” I say,
but the words hang,
awkwardly suspended,
buffeted between intention and reality.

Our roles are divided,
tipped scales, unseen hands at play,
I am consciously endeavouring
to share more in a more equal coexistence.

I may fail,
where you prevail.

We’re tangled, you and I,
servants of one another,
in duty, in life, in love,
unclear of our limits and bounds.

Leave your thought.