He is the very best of me
And the very worse.
He dances with our destiny,
But questions his own self-worth.
He looks around and takes it in,
He runs at the world
Head down.
A frown; a raised eyebrow;
And probably a thoughtless putdown.

He gives a shit what people think,
His anxieties on show,
But blow after blow after blow after blow
He keeps going forward,
Meeting it and taking it,
If sometimes his stoop is low.

Dance well precious one,
Dance with the devils you know.
Take heed and heart
And don’t despair,
For onwards you’ll go.

Go up to the top where the Gods love,
But go well when you go forth.
Announce yourself as their true heir,
And assert your determination to go higher.

At times you’ll almost break on your ascendancy.
But you won’t be broken,
You won’t be beaten down,
You won’t be silenced,
You won’t take that back seat;
You’ll turn up,
Because you’ve got to be there to make a difference.
And when it’s all done, you’ll have left your legacy.
He; We; Me.

Leave your thought.