What Elephant Name

There’s an elephant in the room,
A huge looming spectoral presence,
That I brought into being and that haunts me.
I ignore glimpses of that entity,
But everyone else senses it’s there,
And no one utters a word.

I fear it.

If I accidentally spoke its name,
Or if they were to raise their gaze,
Or were it to be pointed out,
This gargantuan ghostly form
Would be realised for all to see.

It terrifies me.

And so it will go unsaid,
Until no longer can it be contained.
It will loose and break free,
And shake the foundations
Of the room, of the stability.

I am petrified.

But maybe if we spoke its name
We could conjure it into life?
Look it in the eye,
Feel its hot breath on our cheeks.
Maybe then we’d deal with the elephant.
Perhaps then we could closet it
Away with the skeletons.
Put so much paper over the cracks
They hold fast and true.
Create a polite fiction
And one day, at it, laugh.

I am a fool.

Alone with an elephant.
I don’t know its name,
Although I knew its birth.
I don’t want to look its way,
But I’ll know it when I see it.

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