A Nightmare Begins

My nightmares begin, I cannot condone,
For what I have done I must now disown,
A vision, a memory of what has transgressed,
I quenched my thirst on an evil temptress.

I have become what she did create,
And my lust is now equal only to my hate,
The mirror burns, I cannot look,
I only see the hollow, from which she took.

My sanguine addiction: my only care.
On the blood stained alter I’d sit and stare.
Fantasies undone. And undead;
Their unholy screams echo in my head.

Sex is primal, I see myself there.
And from a distance. From My alter;
I may only sit and stare.

Life’s conquest.
I cannot cope.
An unspoken mission;
Without hope.

Destitution…. A painful fear.
The debauch seductress;
Sheds and unwanted tear.

A savage world;
Raped and scared many times.
We look for prophetic men;
To lead the blind.

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