Beached Dream

Erroneous thoughts flap and billow free
Tied fast to a thousand linear threads
From below they echo grey clouds above
Suspended over vacant sandy ground

Beached Dream recklessly listing to one side
Awaiting an encounter to break free
Strains and stresses audibly creak and groan
Beached Dream’s slowly deteriorating

Even the clearest and fine day there’s mist
The horizon blurred by waiting vapour
Always ready to roll in then engulf
When you’re on your knees and can walk no farther

The sandy grains clump between ugly toes
And sit heavily on top of tired feet
Eternal beach head and the sea afore
Constitutes this wanderers Calvary

Only the thoughts that flap and billow free
Offer up a clear opportunity
Take hold of those wayward strands and threads
Set sail on the unknown trajectory


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  1. great poet – what’s it about? I’ve read a couple of your poems and you sometimes refer to mists, why is this? Does it represent something to your personally?

    • Cheers Derek, I referred to periods of depression / uncertainty, as my mist. This runs as a theme in many of my poems from various times in my life.

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