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Remember the Black Dress (Redress)

Distress and a Black Dress

Put away the pretentions of a night with the penguins.
There is nothing to fear.
You imagine black empress lines clash against the glacial white stares
Well who cares?
We are all fish out of water
Dispel your fears.

Remember The Black Dress

We’d known about this for a while
A dress for a ball that’s all
A black dress will be fine
She has one of course in which she looks wonderful
But it’s the morning of the event
Panic sets in: she’s run out of time.

She throws herself down, with silent blank staring eyes
She snaps that there’s nothing wrong
Or that she’s heard enough
That she’ll be in rags
It’s so hard not to laugh
She hates herself in these moments
Stubbornness locks her into perpetuating the mood
I can’t help but to love her for it

No one will see the dress whilst she’s standing there in it.

The day comes to a close
A short journey
A hotel room
A change in mood as we enter the venues doors

Introductions end and we stand there momentarily
A moment for reflection

Dark eyes peer out, gently penetrating,
From behind pitch curtains and bronze skin,
Pharonic lines only deepen their gaze.
I stand in wonderment
As this statuesque beauty holds out her hand, smiles, then draws me in.

Within minutes the champagne has an affect
Like the mist of an evaporating dew,
A softer presentation:
Her eyes, her smile, the way she stands
I swear without bias: she’s the most beautiful in the room.

I can’t remember the dress she wore
It was black.
But I could say no more.

Put away the pretension of a night with the penguins
We’re birds born to soar
Born to explore and review
I utter the words
“I want to spend my foreverness with you”

No cryptic get out
No doubt about the way I feel
We fit into each other