fatherhood poem

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Fatherhood is like the sparks from the undercarriage of a subway train
Hinting of power whilst conjuring fear.
Fatherhood is like the sound of thunder where no lightening appears,
Majestic, warmth.
Fatherhood is like dancing through a sudden snowfall
Enveloping where new light glints,
When chilling realities transform into miraculous merriment.
Fatherhood is like the devil in me,
Mockingly reflected back in a fleshy mirror.
Fatherhood is the kisses that the boy wipes clean,
Given freely and taken back with impish glee.
Fatherhood is everything I’ve come to be,
Wrapped in a blanket of this loving family.
But fatherhood is a magician’s trick,
Practiced for an age,
Where a pedestal is raised from life’s grim dirt,
Where a man exudes the strength of polished bronze,
A perfect mirage of exemplary masculinity,
With the knowledge that when as equals they meet,
To his feet this sandy dirt will fall,
And with it the death of a man,
For in my eyes, he’ll see a boy.