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The Student Weekend

Back home the weekend guards the week
And with questions to answer you got past them
Sure, you learned your lessons, studied hard or didn’t
But know this:
Whatever they’ve taught you to date is worthless
You’ve graduated from your old existence
And it’s brought you today to this instance
To where you’ve become part of the student underground
Part of the resistance
Part of the mob that’s insistin’
That if life’s yours for the taking
There’s going to be a party
And you’re not going to miss it
You’ll make friends for life
Meet people you’d never meet
Fall to your feet when you’ve had too much
To be picked up in a shower of laughter
And thereafter you’ll see things you’ve only dreamt about
See the rules are there to flout
Go on many a walkabout
Dance in the streets at the dead of night
Strobe lights burnt into your memory
Together with foam parties
Short skirts, stained shirts, rubbish flirts
And although some mornings might hurt
The nights always follow on after
And you’ll keep going
The weekends won’t be the end of the week
Your weekends don’t have to end
They’ll blend into Mondays and Tuesdays
You can start before Wednesdays or Thursdays
Because these days are your time
Because your star’s got its shine
Show the world you’re brilliant
Make your experience relevant
You’re in your element
In your prime
So have the time of your life
Because these are the days that really matter
And when all the clatter of student life is done
There’s one thing you’ll remember:
Weekends Matter.