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I declare my love (from Tennessee)

I declare my love once more,
But it’s lost to your ears,
Whispered to the darkness. 
I declare my love once more,
As though the world hears,
As though it may touch your heart.
I declare my love once more.
From half the world away,
From this night of day,
I declare to you right here now:
If the end of the world was here,
If society was broken beyond repair,
If humanity was engulfed by fear and despair,
I would find my way back to you.
So I could declare my love to you there.


How distant that love now seems,
Put away with photos to gather dust.
How strange and unreal it all now seems,
Eight and a half years, a house, a ring,
A caricatured effigy of me for me.
How odd time can seem,
A progressive linear reasoned history.
How changed the world can be,
When those reasoned illusions of reality,
Prove themselves to be fragile ornaments,
Like blown glass baubles on the festively dead tree,
The ones the cat likes to bat that crash and smash so easily.

How unreal is reality?
When the hurting minutes become weeks and then months past.
When the streaming tears that cried rivers don’t last.
When you realise that the world’s not the same,
But the same and you’ve changed,
And the change within you came to pass,
Without a poignant moment for you to point at.

And you thought you’d never love again?
How strange is that?!
Before long you’re watching your new lovers back,
Sleeping – dreaming of countless wonders,
It’s hard to remember those other slumbers,
Witnessed for so very long,
Strong as those feelings were, they’ve gone.

How humbling existence is to me,
A thin strand between ego and humility.
How strange it all is?
This life we lead?

I’m not an expert in these things, should anyone be?