AI and Art

Artificially intelligent,
Robo-content’ed art,
Pouring out passionless poetry,
Lacking emotional depth, feeling: heart.

Banal platitudes as product,
Mimicking patterns of the past,
Where legends’ lexicons echo,
Yet lacking a soulful contrast.

Styles are merely sautéed.
But is the dish served up unique?
Or a mere replication devoid of flair
Without sincerity or mystique?

Championed by OpenAI,
And the corporate Gods with financial hearts.
Heralded by a host of influencers;
Technorati tyrants and the media playing their part.

But should we open our eyes?
And allow wisdom to guide the way,
To consider the impact on humanity,
And the value of our creativity?

For it is emotion that we present,
That should always set us apart,
From ubiquitous intelligence,
That lacks the human spark.

Leave your thought.