Questioning Health Anxiety

Fifteen years with this health anxiety,
A secret I guard of what I fear will be,
Research and rituals, and irrationality,
And the all-clear tests that don’t set me free.

My every waking thought is framed by this curse,
Made worse by paranoia and depression and remorse,
So I wither and I dread this may run its course,
To leave me alone and lost or worse.

Each new day brings me closer to the last,
Or has that day been and done, and past,
I am stuck in an agony I should’ve surpassed,
Aghast, I know the die I cannot uncast.

Fifteen years of mental brutality,
Tortured by my own actuality,
My vitality lost, along with my voice,
My Silence. My Sanity. My Health. My Choice.

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