The Modern Mason’s Apron

In this era of change, swift and grand,
Where digital and real worlds wonderfully blend,
A symbol stands, both old and new,
Not just in grand rites, but in the craftsman’s hue.

This apron, a blend of now and then,
Worn in cities and towns by their good men,
Not just with tools, but with ideals they build,
In shops, labs and offices, their visions fulfilled.

Architects unseen, crafting the way,
Merging old wisdom with the modern-day,
Their work’s not just physical, but in values they hold,
In quiet growth, both communal and bold.

In this brotherhood, the apron means more,
A pledge to improve standing at its core,
Embracing all, in unity they strive,
In a modern world, their bonds still thrive.

Their creations are more than just physical things,
They shape a world fair, where every voice sings,
Ancient lessons in new hands, find their place,
In the hearts and minds of the mason’s embrace.

To these modern keepers of the apron’s fold,
In their varied paths, stories untold,
Their apron strings and ties of honour upright,
Binding a vision of a world more bright.

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