This cold solid suit,
Constructed by me,
Surrounding my all,
A wall that’s so thick,
It envelopes me.

Does it define me?
Damaged and rebuilt;
Protective layers
Perfected through time.
Pure sublimity.

Dangers stand afore,
None may damage me,
For this thing I’ve built:
A life’s barrier,
Stands to set me free.

But freedom is fraught,
Liberties hard-won,
Passions rested spent,
Wrent away from me,
For I am defence.

But do these walls defend?
And this armoured suit
Whence I establish,
Does it imbue strength?
Or does it restrain?

Am I limited?
Am I limiting?
Am I truly free?
Or am I bound by that which has been,
And lost in what these eyes have seen?

Leave your thought.